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    Oct 31 2019


Breaking the bricksA paddle can be created by drawing a line on your screen with your finger. The paddle can only be placed underneath the laser beam. Place the paddle in the right angle to aim the ball in a certain direction. The maximum number of paddles that you can deploy at the same time is 2. However, the first deployed paddle will dissapear when you add an additional paddle to the game. This will cost you 1 extra paddle. You always start the game with 5 additional paddles (10 for pro version). Bump your balls into the bricksEarn points by breaking themWhen a brick gets hit by a ball within 3 seconds, the points you get are based on the number of combos. 10 points are rewarded by hitting the brick once. You recieve 30 points by 2 hits, and 60 points by 3 hits.Example:1x10 = 101x10 + 2x10 = 301x10 + 2x10 + 3x10 = 60and so on..Breaking the bricksA red colored brick breaks by one single hit. The pink colored brick needs 10 hits to break.The colors of the bricks are in sequence, based on the number of hits to break. The amount of hits needed to destroy the brick are also printed in the middle of the brick.Red: 1Orange: 2Yellow: 3Light green: 4Green: 5Mint: 6Light blue: 7Navy blue: 8Cobalt blue: 9Indigo: 10Purple: 11Pink: 12Specials1 Out of 12 bricks contains a special. These bricks are marked with a red blinking border instead of a solid white one.The special will be activated instandly by breaking a brick. Multiple specials can be active at the same time.Ball multiplication: 5 More balls are added. Don't lose the last ball out of sight.Paddle turrets: The paddle shoots small balls for 6 seconds.Paddle enlargement: Draw bigger paddles for 20 seconds.Lava ball: Can go through everything and the bricks are hit twice. Lasts for 10 seconds.The fifth special will be activated by crossing the laserbeam 80 times. It is indicated by a rising bar on the right bottom.Slomotion ball: The game goes on half it's speed for 6 seconds.Second chanceThe game is over when the ball accidently hits the bottom, but there is always a second chance for everybody.Press the resume button and watch a video. (The pro version doesn't contain advertisments)You've been awarded with 5 extra paddles seen on the left bottom. (Pro version users are awarded with 10 extra paddles)Continue the game by drawing a paddle.Connecting your accountLog in with your google account to record your highscores.Ranks are seen in the leaderboards tab.See if your highscore fits the top of the week, month or all time. Switch from global to social to match your score with your friends.Challenge with them to become the best bricktopier!
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