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    Mar 10 2023


Lite Apps take up very little space, don’t run in the background, save your battery, and Hermit can create them instantly!CREATE A LITE APP INSTANTLYHermit includes a free Library that offers alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, IMDb, TripAdvisor and more. After you complete the one-time setup, you’ll see an icon for your new Lite App on your home screen.BETTER THAN CHROMEMany users ask us why they should use Hermit when Chrome already allows you to add an icon to the home screen. We specifically built Hermit because we feel Chrome is not good enough, and our 1000+ reviewers with 5 stars agree with us. Here’s why:AD BLOCK. Hermit has a built-in ad blocker with a regularly-updated block list, with no subscription fees, and no root required. Chrome on Android does not have an ad blocker.LITE APPS ARE NOT JUST ANOTHER BROWSER TAB. Chrome opens a new tab every time you click on an icon. That’s not how native apps work. With Hermit, if you tap on an icon and you already have that app open, it will launch instantly no new tab, no waiting for the page to be downloaded again.SEPARATE COOKIES TO LIMIT TRACKING. Hermit Lite Apps don’t share cookies with your other Chrome browsing, so tracking scripts such as the Facebook Like button cannot track your Hermit browsing.ALWAYS INCOGNITO. NO HISTORY TRACKING. Hermit does not add every page to your browser history. Hermit is Incognito by Default confidently use Hermit for private browsing.NOTIFICATIONS. Hermit supports Notifications for any RSS feed from any site! Chrome only supports push notifications if a site implements it on their end (and most sites don’t).AWESOME BOOKMARKS. In Hermit, only the bookmarks relevant to the current Lite App are shown in the Sidebar, making them very easy to find and use. Try it. Chrome’s Bookmarks UI has not changed since the early days of Netscape, and many users are left with 100’s or 1000’s of bookmarks that they can never find again.CUSTOMIZABLE UI FOR EACH LITE APP. Want to open one Lite App in Desktop mode, but others in Mobile mode? You can do that! Disable loading images for one specific Lite App? Yep, possible. Always launch YouTube in full-screen mode? Yep, you get the idea. Chrome does not even remember the “Request desktop site” setting for each site, even if you add the icon to the home screen.CUSTOM PRIVACY SETTINGS. You can turn on or off each permission, including geolocation, photos, videos, and file uploads for each Lite App.NATIVE APPS BLOCKED. Hermit blocks the installation of native apps, so you cannot get a virus or malware from a Lite App.THEMES & ICONS. Pick from a million different themes and use your own icons.FULL-SCREEN & FRAMELESS MODES. Best for video!FREE FOREVER WITH NO ADSAll features are 100% enabled and free, forever, with no ads or upgrade nags, for the first two Lite Apps. If you are an advanced user and would like to create more Lite Apps, we request that you purchase the Premium version.Our philosophy is to be respectful of your privacy, so Hermit has no ads, even in the forever free version. We do not track you, or sell your profile, or do anything else that many other supposedly “free” apps do. Our only source of income is the Premium version.If you’re a student, we will happily offer you Hermit for free! See https://hermit.chimbori.com/help/studentsBEST EXPERIENCED ON ANDROID LOLLIPOP AND ABOVEHermit works on Android KitKat and above, but requires Lollipop for certain features:— Photo and video uploading— Recent Apps integration— Status bar theme color
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Version : 19.11.1 for Android 5.0o mas alto

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