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    Aug 21 2020


Historical legends combined with classic water pipe play!You need your wisdom to solve all these problems.Thunder, ground movement, fog, skating and other elements, rich puzzle play; inspirational and humorous story dialogue, experience the wisdom of the ancestors together.Yu just took over the task of water control and wanted to switch to the rule of law, but he was opposed by the people "Windproof clan".After squatting on the waterway alone, a heavy rain finally made "Windproof clan" find this method good.Finally, when he left, he got a sutff that was represent people's respect.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Developer's words:The game is inspired by the team's tribute to the Chinese mythology. In the early stage of development, we thought about how to use the simple operation experience to let the players feel the joy of solving puzzles and reading stories at the same time, so the birth of "Pipeline Of Emperor Yu" was born.In the past, the team members used the old game companies in Taiwan to make "divinity" games. They are interested in the Chinese style. When you enter the game, you will find that the rhythm is slowing down. The story uses seven chapters to lead you into the time and space of "Pipeline Of Emperor Yu". Background, mood conversion, in addition to enjoying our well-designed level puzzles, it is also a work that allows you to savor
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    Gratis Casual

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    5.0o mas alto+

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