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    Dec 14 2021


At Summachar, we share the news in bite-sized images and exciting form factors which include integrated infographics, images and in-story quizzes and polls! Join the conversation with fellow readers and be a conversational champion with facts and figures which have been produced by Summachar.
We bring a scientific data-driven approach to news resulting in an unbiased and neutral curation of interesting and authentic content. Summachar is 100% made in India with a special eye for news that matters.

What Makes Summachar Different?

1) Presented visually in an easy-to-consume infographic package

Research is often associated with scores of pages and a lot of data, but, if you have only 10 minutes of free time a day how much verified information and authentic news are you going to be able to consume? Well, the answer is as much as you want! Summachar curates the most complex topics in bite-size pieces of content in various easy to digest form factors with the help of infographics, beautiful visuals, trivia and quizzes.

2) Juxtapose it with contextual history and explainers

Have you ever wondered whether a certain article has something in common with another piece of news you came across some time ago? Well it’s more than likely to be connected and we at Summachar find and make all the right connections and share it with our readers to help them stay informed and aware of the connection between all the news and information in the fast paced environment we live in in the 21st century.

3) Topical articles followed by interesting trivia and quizzes

As part of our mission of extracting knowledge from news, we cap our deep dive stories with interesting trivia that’s contextually relevant to the news story. There is always an added sense of accomplishment when it comes to going through news and getting the right answer on a relevant fun quiz too! Quizzes are an added feature on selected articles to make the interactions two way and exciting on the Summachar app.

4) Research news with engineering precision

In the current times there is an abundance of information but how much of that is actually reviewed, fact checked and authenticated?
Summachar researches the news with engineering precision and our content is carefully curated to share the information with our audience presented in an unbiased manner thereby allowing them to make their own decisions!

5) Qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Elaborate and extensive research goes on behind the scenes to present the final content which our readers enjoy. With the motto of “More Info, Less Text”, all this research is condensed into easy to consume visual stories. The general shift of the public to be well informed about global, local and authentic information echoes the need for quality which we at Summachar strive to achieve with every piece of content published!

How To Make The Most of Summachar?

In this world of 24x7 breaking news, we help you understand the relevance and the context behind important news stories. We strongly believe that understanding why something happened is as important as knowing what happened.
We break down stories that have a longer-term impact on the citizens of India. Summachar's news stories are crisply analyzed, connected with context, trivia, and data, and presented in an easy to consume, visual form factor.
Definitely check out the dark mode too if that’s your style!

Where and How can you reach us?

We are a hard-working, passionate team, that loves discussing the news. You can get in touch with us at [email protected]
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